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The spring sun is amazing – but be careful out there... If you’ve had a bit too much of the good stuff, our soothing, moisturizing and skin conditioning Aloe Vera Gelly will gladly lend a helping hand.

Perhaps it’s because of its light and pleasant texture? Or maybe it’s due to the fact that it absorbs quickly into your skin, making it soft and smooth? At least, one thing is for certain: Aloe Lotion is an excellent all-round product that works just as well for face and hands as for your whole body.

This spring, some of our most beloved products are getting a total makeover. Which ones? The answer will be revealed soon.

Let the spring sun warm your face, but don’t forget to protect your lips. With SPF 30 and lots of caring ingredients, like Aloe Vera, of course – our minty fresh Forever Sun Lips is designed for that specific purpose.

Aloe Lotion is made from a number of classic ingredients. In the leading role, we find our own Aloe Vera, chosen for its caring, emollient and moisturizing properties. And it’s accompanied by skilled skin care workers like apricot kernel oil, jojoba, chamomile and vitamins C and E. Enjoy!

Finally, here comes the sun! Get ready for the glorious rays with protecting day lotion SPF 20. This lovely lotion moisturizes and cares for your skin – and protects it from both UVA and UVB rays.

Last but not least, we round up our Yummy Easter special with the nicest of nice creams. Feel free to replace strawberries with another berry that’s more to your liking and serve straight from the freezer!

Protein Nice Cream
For two servings:
2 dl frozen strawberries (or another berry favorite)
1 scoop Forever Ultra Vanilla
2 tbsp. soy milk (or a substitute of your choice)

Place all ingredients in a bowl and blend to a smooth mixture. Then, whisk on high speed for about 5 minutes, until it gains volume. Put it in the freezer for about half an hour, take it out and enjoy!

Allow us to introduce classic skin care from head to toe! Aloe Lotion is one of our oldest and most beloved products. It’s light as a feather on your skin, and works fine all over your body. And it’s based on our own Aloe Vera.

If you’re short on time and a big fan of all things chocolate: this is the one for you. Yummy Easter, everybody!

Quick chocolate cream
For two servings:
2 dl coconut cream
1 scoop Forever Ultra Chocolate
Topping: dark chocolate or cacao nibs

Blend to a smooth cream. Sprinkle cacao nibs or chopped up chocolate over each serving. Enjoy!